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How can I see all headers in my Yahoo mails?

Easy way to view the full headers of Yahoo mail

Yahoo is probably becoming one of the most widely used webmail services all over the web. Millions of monthly active users access its services to stay connected with their friends, families, and colleagues. It allows users to send or receive emails which including text, images and pdf files. It offers many amazing features to its users. It is very simple to use, but still, if you face any technical mishap such as if your Yahoo mail is not receiving emails or facing any kind of problems with Yahoo mail, then we suggest you take support from Yahoo techies. Yahoo customer service is available on the web for quick support.
Sometimes, you may face an issue with your email which is not working properly. Then, you can check the log of the email as every email you receive comes with a log containing all the details about the message which is usually hidden. You can see the full header of the message easily to know all the details of the email. For your comfort, here we are providing you with the steps by which you can easily view your full header of the email. You just need to go through these below-mentioned steps.

Follow the Steps Carefully
Step 1) First, you need to log into your Yahoo mail account.
Step 2) Open the desired email.
Step 3) Browse your cursor to the gear button located with the Forward and spam buttons above the message.
Step 4) Click on the ‘More icon
Step 5) A drop-down menu will appear, where you need to click on the ‘View Raw Message’.
Step 6) A new window will open, where you’ll see the full header and the text of the message.
Step 7) Then, you need to right-click in the window and choose ‘Select All’.
Step 8) Right click again on the highlighted text and click on the ‘Copy’.
Step 9) You can now easily paste the full text including headers, into a new email message.

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With the help of these above-mentioned steps, the users can easily view the full header of the email. If you find any difficulty while performing these steps or any Yahoo mail problems, then we advise the user to take support from the experts via mail or can also contact by dialing autonomous Yahoo contact number available on the web for instant support. The experts are available 24*7 to give support to its users.
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